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There is no way to know a partner, to start a trust relationship. The key to establishing business processes in which everyone wins, and with whom you enjoy working. A quality service goes through a personal treatment, and in this line, these are us.

Peixe Software

Our company

PeiXe Software was born in 2007. We are pursuing high-quality technological projects in components and associated services, by highly motivated and organized human teams in a business environment oriented to creativity and continuous improvement.

Currently, we have branch offices in Galicia and Catalonia, from we provide a service to public and private clients around the world.


Our goal is the continuos improvement by active listening to the opinion and needs of our clients. It brings us loyalty in our relationships, and competitive advantage to assume the leadership of the market.

Our technical teams provide creative solutions for all clients anywhere in the world, susceptible to generate added value to their offers or business processes.

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